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whatever your ability, City of Milton Keynes Swim Club has a programme for you


The main aim is to provide a stepping stone from local Learn-to-swim schemes to a competitive swimming training environment. Swimmers are introduced to coach lead group activities. Content is focused on fundamental stoke skills as well as starting and turning.


There are no firm age levels however it is expected that in order to reach the entry standard swimmers will most likely be be older than 5 yrs. It would also be rare for swimmers to be older than 10 yrs old in this group.

Entry Standard

Swimmers should be at level 6 of the National Plan for Teaching swimming as defined by CMKSC staff.  Entrants should be able to perform front crawl and backstroke for repeated lengths. Swimmers should have a basic understanding of breaststroke. Swimmers should also be a member of a local Learn to swim scheme, if not one can be advised.

Aims and Progression

The aim is to introduce and develop basic competitive skills. Most swimmers will be asked to move into mini stars (the next group up) when ready. As the academy and mini stars groups train along side each other with similar session outlines this means a slight increase in volume of swimming but mainly an increased frequency of training per week. At this point swimmers are expected to withdraw from their LTS classes.


The CMKSC Assistant Head Coach, Lisa Salmon is a Level 3 ASA Club coach with experience of developing National swimmers. Lisa plans and leads the sessions in line with the CMKSC program designed by the Head Coach. Support is provided by both qualified coaching staff (lvl1-2) and experienced older CMK swimmers.


At the end of every school term a fun gala is held to support introduction to competition. This also rewards swimmers progress and allows coaches to evaluate performance. On some occasion swimmers in Academy will be encouraged to enter open meets or be invited to represent CMK in team events if this is deemed appropriate. Swimmers cannot compete in external competitions until they are 9 years old.

Facilities and Planning

There are three Academy groups with swimmers attending one per week. Flexibility can be offered if space allows and coaches are informed with a weeks notice. One is held at Bletchley LC (Fri), one at Leon School (Weds) and one at Wolverton (Mon) utilising facilities available around the city and offering different evening times to provide choice to members.