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whatever your ability, City of Milton Keynes Swim Club has a programme for you


The following documents provide swimmers and parents with information about some important issues regarding performance swimming



CMK’s philosophy statement which is the basis to the programme:

CMK Philosophies


Notes from our Nutrition meetings over the last 4 years are available on the attached documents:

Advice on day to day


Advice on competition nutrition


Notes on tapering and what you need to consider in the days before a major meet.


Parenting Champions

Advice for Swimmer's Parents


This is the ASA’s page on doping advice

ASA doping

Preventing Illness

The ASA’s advice on avoiding illness is very useful:

ASA avoiding illness


The CMK goal setting form is expected from performance swimmers at the start of every cycle:

CMK Goal Setting Form


We have now received further info on British Swimming's planned competitions. The communication received is attached. Changes to Summer Nationals are summarised follows.

1. Age as on 31 December 

2. 18 and over as oldest age group

3. 50m events now included

4. Top 24 invited (no QTs),

5. The next fastest 24 invited to English champs the week after. Swimmers may do both but on different events.

6. Qualification is April and May only.This will primariliy from Regionals.

This is a change of strategy from British swimming with more focus on swimming fast between ages 13/14 and 16/17 (at the time of the swim).

CMK have always prided ourselves on a long term focus with inreased training stimulus as swimmers get older. This will not change, however, the changes mean I must focus more towards age group swimming in our strategy. This will take some time to consider and plan but will be reflected in the Christmas changes. The terms Youth and Bagcat are now redundant so our squad names must also change.

Further Information about meets is due very soon however out meet strategy after Feb will depend on which licences are agreed so are not yet defined.

If you want to discuss what this means for you as an individual please contact me by email to arrange a meeting.