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whatever your ability, City of Milton Keynes Swim Club has a programme for you


What do you need, and why?  All equipment should be clearly marked with your name on it. For every training session a swimmer needs to come equipped with the following:

     .     Water bottle - filled with drink (not fizzy)to keep you hydrated

     .     Fins (short)

     .     Goggles + spare pair of goggles

     .     Costume or trunks

     .     Float (Kickboard)

     .     Pull Buoy

     .     Paddles (if required)


There is not a compulsory club costume or colour. Swimming costumes can be purchased using the links on our website where a discount is offered and the club benefits from sales made and in some sports shops but there are a range of companies that sell by Direct Mail.  These companies stock a range of brands: Speedo, Maru, Tyr, Adidas and Arena being the main ones.

Costumes and trunks come in a range of designs and colours.  Companies, such as Maru and Speedo have special training costumes such as Endurance, designed to resist the decay resulting from the chemicals in the water of a pool.


It is generally preferred that girls wear a hat to keep their hair from getting in their faces.  Many boys also wear hats to prevent the water from drying out their hair.

Any hat design is acceptable for training, but Club hats are essential for competitions.  It is recommended that swimmers always carry a spare hat since they can perish or break and swimmers may not be able to swim unless they have one. Club hats can be purchased from the Helpdesk suggest price not quoted as may change (£6.50 silicone) and named hats (£7.50) are available to order.


Most swimmers wear goggles, although it is important to be able to swim without them!  Goggles are recommended to keep the water from irritating the eyes, but also to aid vision whilst swimming.

Goggles can be very expensive but it does not mean they are the best! - It is important for a swimmer to select a pair that fits and are comfortable to wear.  Always have a spare pair especially at competitions.

It is important for swimmers to be confident in putting on the goggles and to come to a training session able to put them on correctly and quickly.

For younger swimmers, Speedo Junior Futura BioFUSE goggles are recommended as a good starting pair until you become familiar with other brands.


These are used during most training sessions, as the majority of kick work is done without boards, to strengthen the leg muscles and develop good body balance.


The short blade allows all the advantages of strong fast kick development, improves leg development and improves leg strength and endurance.

Pull Buoys & Paddles

Pull buoys are used regularly during training.  Paddles are used by the higher squads to improve arm strength and technique.

Heart Rate Monitors

These are used to allow athletes to monitor their heart rate in training. This allows swimmers to evaluate whether swimmers training at the correct intensity level.


Swimmers need to drink little and often.  Bring a plastic drinks bottle onto poolside.  Swimmers leave it at the end of their training lane and are allowed to drink during a pause in their training.  Still drinks only, no fizzy drinks or cans are allowed.

Swim/Kit bags

During training the bag is used to store the clothes, towel etc. and is generally brought onto poolside for security reasons. The Club is not responsible for lost equipment and items so it is the responsibility of each swimmer to look after their own clothing and equipment.

Club Kit

In competitions, swimmers are expected to wear the Team shirt with black shorts or trousers. When going to collect medals and trophies swimmers are asked to wear a Team shirt with black shorts or trousers or the Club tracksuit.

Swimming Equipment Suppliers

Club shirts and tracksuits are available at a cost of £10.50 for the shirt and £35 for the tracksuit hoody from the club. Ask at the helpdesk for details.

For general swimming supplies we recommend that you contact one of the Direct Mail companies via a link on our website as we get financial benefit as a club when you order via the link on the website.

Other suppliers are:

Swim Shop (Luton)

Telephone Number:        01582 562111


Mailsports International Ltd,

Unit 1, Wessex Road,

Bourne End,


Telephone Number:        01628 529206


NB: it is advisable to mark all items with your children’s name as many items can be the same.