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A group of 15 swimmers recently travelled to Paphos at the Coral Bay Hotel and training camp for a warm weather training camp.  After arriving at lunch time on Tuesday, training began with 2 hours in the pool that afternoon.  Two hours training in the morning, followed by land training and then lunch; free time and then rest time in the afternoon followed by another 2 hour training session and dinner was the pattern of the week. The food at the Coral Beach Hotel was excellent and the swimmers were able to pick and choose from a large variety of breakfasts

and evening meals. After 22 hours in the pool and 38,000 – 67,000  metres (depending on the individual) it was the end of the camp.

The swimmers trained hard all week and managed their time well.  Free time was spent by the hotel pool, playing cards and games.

The City of Milton Keynes Swimming Club would like to extend their thanks to TFT and Arena Sports for supporting the arrangements of the camp.

Jo Ulyett, Team Manager

Cyprus 2014

April 2014